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With nearly all organic ingredients, the relaxing atmosphere and unique zero-gravity chairs, we are confident you will appreciate the difference.

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Classic manicure

Essential manicure. Reshape nails, cuticle refine and hydrating lotion massage. Finish with a polish or natural buff.

Beewon Garden Hydrating Hand Treatment

Restoring and hydrating. Promotes healthy nails and hands with an essential manicure to clean & reshape nails while refining the cuticles. Includes our natural hydrating and restoring mask (paraffin alternative), along with a hot stone massage that will leave your skin feeling smooth and youthful. Finished with a polish application or natural buff.

Longwood Garden Anti-aging Hand Treatment

A luxurious and intensive hand treatment for hydrating & anti-aging. A fresh handmade Vt.C scrub exfoliation promotes healthy skin cell growth. Gold mask, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & aloe vera, antibacterial, antifungal, with immune-boosting mask with eco-friendly mittens, tension-releasing hands and arm massage with hot stone will make your hands healthy and youthful! Finished with a polish application or natural buff.

Therapeutic Hot Stone CBD Healing Hand Treatment

Anti-inflammatory. Organically grown CBD and sugar scrub exfoliate promotes healthy skin cell growth, followed by a broad spectrum of hemp-derived CBD oil with acupressure point technic and hot stone tension release massage to increase blood circulation, detoxification, boosting overall relaxion. Finished with a polish application or natural buff.

Healthier/ Eco-friendly No Smudgy Gel Manicure

Breakthrough technology “Healthier & Eco-friendly Gel” manicure, no drying time, smudgy free! An essential manicure top off gel finish. Hydrating organic lotion with tension release hands and arm massage with hot stone
Gel removal – $15 (No Acrylic, SNS, Dip powder)

Tension Release, Acupressure Point Massage Enhancement

Add-on only
Traditional Asian acupressure point massage to promote circulation, detoxification and relaxation. Can be added to any service.


Natural polish-Nontoxic, Humane & cruelty free Fast dry Polish $10
Gel removal with service $15
Gel removal with gel add on $40

Foot Treatment

Classic Pedicure

Healthier environment with relaxing express pedicure. Herbal soak, hydrating lotion massage on tension release massage on zero gravity chair. Finish with a polish or natural buff.

Beewon Garden Hydrating Foot Treatment

Restoring and hydrating. Fresh all natural/organic scrub exfoliate which promotes healthy nails and feet. An essential pedicure along with cut, shaped, and refined cuticle, and calluses. Includes our natural hydrating and restoring mask (paraffin alternative) along with a hot stone massage on a zero-gravity chair, increasing blood circulation while detoxifying to leave your skin supple and youthful. Finished with a polish application or natural buff.

Beewon Garden Dreamliner Foot & Back Treatment $125

Longwood Garden Luxury Spa Foot Treatment

A revitalizing and firming treatment to promote healthy skin & feet. This luxurious foot treatment starts with aroma foot soak. Afterwards, a foot polish with an antioxidant & hydrating scrub will improve texture and circulation. Gold mask anti-inflammatory, egg white-clarify pores that get rid of the buildup, help tighten and firm. Full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory compounds – aloe vera, antiviral effects, super hydrating, with immune-boosting mask to nourish your skin and feet. A natural warm wax (paraffin alternative) with warm ecofriendly booties to destress the foot muscle, followed by hot stone tension-relieving foot and calf massage. You will leave feeling healthy and glowing. Finished with a polish application or natural buff.

Longwood Garden Dreamliner Foot & Back Treatment $150

Therapeutic Hot Stone CBD Healing Foot Treatment

Anti-inflammatory. Enjoy the benefits of CBD. Rich in anti-inflammatory, hydrating and cell stimulating properties, and acupressure point massage with broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil loaded with vitamins A and C to help with keeping skin firm and healthy, slowing down the aging process and helping with inflammatory-related conditions such as skin allergies, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Localized pain relief, muscle soreness, tension, and inflammation. Finished with a polish application or natural buff.

Therapeutic CBD Dreamliner Foot & Back Treatment $150

Lima-huli Garden Immunity Boosting Foot Treatment

Strengthening your immunity. Hydrating, detoxifying herbal foot soak with our antioxidant & hydrating Vt. C, exfoliating scrub will improve texture and circulation. Energizing Ginseng, enhance blood flow, “Queen of Mushrooms-Reishi”, antioxidant, support your immune system and beta-glucans that can help with immune function. Lion’s Mane Mushroom helps to repair nerve damage, reduce inflammation, etc. Clay removes impurities, hydrating and restorative mask to enhance your well-being along with acupressure point technique massage with natural warm wax with hot stone massage will alleviate your daily stress, leaving you feeling restored and energized. Finished with a polish application or natural buff.

Lima-huli Garden Dreamliner Foot & Back Treatment

Smart innovation! A revolutionary one of kind foot & back treatment! Antioxidant, detoxifying, and boosting immunity; Lima-huli foot treatment combined with automatic thermal chiropractic concept massage for your body. Science combines the benefits of chiropractic-based massage, heat, infrared rays, acupressure massage, aligns the spine, reduces stress and tension, and gives you more energy.


Rejuvenate Vitamin C Facial

$135 (60min) | $175 (90min)
A powerful facial with an antioxidant cocktail of lipid-soluble vitamin C and DMAE to help repair free-radical damage and enhance facial tone. The C-ESTA Facial provides exceptional anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation benefits. Skin will appear lifted, firmer and with tightened facial contours.

Benefits: Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation, Lifting, Toning & Firming, Improved Skin Texture & Clarity

Calming, Hydrating & Soothing Facial

$135 (60 min) | $175(90 min)
Reveal healthy, smooth, polished, and hydrated skin. The proteolytic Enzyme Facial is an effective yet gentle method of exfoliation, utilizing proteolytic enzymes to digest unproductive dead skin without harming normal healthy tissue. Plus, hydrating and calming ingredients sooth even the most highly sensitive skin.

Benefits : Hydrating & Calming, Improved Skin Texture & Clarity

Brighting Luminate Facial

$135 (60 min) | $175 (90 min)
Visibly improve the appearance of skin tone and luminosity with a unique combination of lactic and mandelic acid, brightening technologies and antioxidants. Uncover vibrant skin by revealing a brighter and more even skin tone with a youthful appearance.

Benefits: Improves appearance of Hyperpigmentation, Improves Skin Texture & Clarity Hydrating & Soothing

Anti-aging Retinol Plus Facial

$135 (60 min) | $175 (90 min)
Amplify anti-aging correction for dramatically smooth, flawlessly clear, and radiantly hydrated skin. The Retinol Plus facial is an accelerated protocol featuring the highest concentration of retinol and advanced skin rejuvenation technologies for immediate long-term benefits. Visibly improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and sun damage.

Benefits: Anti-Aging, Acne & Sun Damage, Hydrating & Calming

Microcurrent Non-invasive Face Lift Facial

$165 (60 min) | $220 (90 min)
Microcurrent technology instantly tones, lifts, and firms your skin by “circuit training” tired facial muscles. Hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid treatments are infused into the skin. Non-invasive and pain-free, this treatment is an effective alterna tive to face lift surgery when combined in a series. 90-minute includes peptide mask, red LED light to stimulate collagen, hands and foot massage.

Benefits: Anti-aging, Firming, Increasing Cellular Activity, Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Dermaplaning Resurfacing Facial

$160 (60 min) | $230 (90 min)
Microplanning or blading, exfoliate off the dead skin cells and vellus ‘peach fuzz’” hairs by a scalpel, to leaving the skin more smooth, youthful and radiant. Dermaplaning allows enhanced the product penetration and powerful boost for product efficacy. The 90min service includes a peptide mask, facial massage, hand &arm; feet massage.

Benefits : Enlarged Pores, Acne Scars, Dull Skin, Dry Skin, Sun-damage, Hyperpigmentation, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Gentlemen’s Facial

$135 (60 min) | $175 (90 min)
A gentle and relaxing skincare treatment to deep cleaning and rejuvenate the skin along with skin irritation from shaving and adult acne breakout.

Benefits: Hydrating & Calming, Improved Skin Texture & Clarity

Teenage Skincare

$120 (60 min)
It’s perfect timing to start good skincare routine. Customize a deep cleanse, exfoliation and hydration to assist your teen skin influence by hormonal changes. Guide your teen with product recommendations and home skincare routine to help to build healthy skin care habits from an early start.

Benefits: Acne Breakout, Congested Skin, Oily/Dry Skin, Clogged Pores

Enhanced Experiences

Neck and Décolleté Treatment


Eye & Lip Treatment


Peptide Collagen Mask


Custom Layered Peel


LED Light Therapy


Foot Massage


Natural Wax Treatment


Enhancements may only be booked with full service. They cannot be booked as single service.

Waxing & Hair Removal Services

Brow Tint – $25
Lash Tint – $30
Brow shaping – $30
Brow maintenance – $25
Lip – $15
Chin – $25
Nose – $15
Jaw – $25
Full Face – $65
Hands – $20
Underarms – $30
Half | Full Arm – $35 | $55

Shoulder – $35
Full Back – $65
Chest – $55
Abdomen/Stomach – $40
Nape Neck – $25
Full Leg – $80
Upper Leg – $65
Half Leg (including Knees) – $50
Toes – $12
Bikini – $35
Slim Bikini – $50
Women’s Brazilian – $80