Hear from our Clients

“Arnold Shain’s guidance has vastly improved our confidence, xxx, and bottom line. His direct approach to coaching is invaluable, as is his depth of industry knowledge. As a new business he was a mentor, now established he is a confidant and sounding board. You want him on your team and in your corner!”

– Carolyn Scott
Woodblock Redmond

“Restaurant Group did everything necessary to get my restaurant designed and operating, and they continue to help me with the financial side of the business.”

– Takao Kikuchi, President
Dragonfish Asian Café

“It is my pleasure to offer my very highest regards and recommendation to The Restaurant Group. Their diverse yet complimentary blend of individual talents allows them to be truly, a full-service consulting group for food and beverage operations of any ilk.”

– Douglas W. Murray, Executive Chef
Museum Foodservices @ Experience Music Project

“It is my sincere pleasure to recommend the Restaurant Group as a highly qualified organization that will contribute in many ways to the success of your company.”

– Nancy Cho, President
Calcutta Grill / Golf Club at Newcastle

“Billy McHale’s Corporation has retained Arnold Shain and his company in a consulting role continually since 1995…and [they] have never failed to deliver value for us.”

– John R. Hoehl, Jr., President
Billy McHale’s

“From budgeting, research/development, staffing assistance/training, accounting, and much more—Restaurant Group has always come through for us!”

– Masa Terada, President
Rikki Rikki

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